Posted by Michaela LeMay | 01.09.2024 | Sea Turtle Camp News

Treasures After a Storm

We are about to get a major storm today with high winds, quite a bit of rain, and other hazardous weather. Everyone will hunker down while the storm hits but once the major threat is gone, treasure hunters will venture out of their homes and head to the beach. They are not looking for gold or gems, instead they will be scouring the beach looking for treasures the sea left.

Major storms have the ability to bring in amazing treasures that our typical waves and tides do not. Shark tooth hunters will be searching the shell beds and tide lines looking for those precious fossilized teeth. There is always the potential to find one that has yet to become a fossil too! They might also find bone fragments, sea glass, and so much more! Shell collectors and artists will be looking for those perfect shells for their collection or next art project. There will even be those who are searching the beach to collect the trash that rolls in with the treasures so that it does not go back out to sea. After a storm, you never know what you might find.

Here at Sea Turtle Camp, we would just like to remind everyone to double, and triple check their treasures. Many animals call shells home (or even their skeleton), snails, crabs, and worms, all utilize shells, and we would hate to accidentally take one home when there is still something inside. Additionally, we encourage everyone to remember that the majority of these treasures will break down over time and contribute to the ecosystem we so love to visit. Ask yourself if you really need the treasure, or if you could leave the treasure behind.