Posted by Kasey | 09.20.2023 | Sea Turtle Camp News

Trawling with Cape Fear Community College

Each one of our Marine Biology Immersion campers will get to experience trawling aboard the R/V Martech with Cape Fear Community College’s Marine Technology program. The R/V Martech is a 53-foot estuarine research vessel that has a floating marine science classroom on board. Campers and crew survey the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC.  They collect water samples to test water quality and conduct biological samples with a plankton net and an otter trawl.

The otter trawl is a large net that is dragged behind the R/V Martech along the river or ocean bottom. The net is held open by two large rectangular boards that are kept open by the force of the water as the boat moves. The trawl will scoop up fish, crabs, and other species and the crew will bring those animals onboard for the campers to sort and identify before releasing them back into the water.

On board the R/V Martech, campers get to learn about all different types of marine technology. They get to see everything from simple tools for sample collection to sonar and meteorological instruments. Additionally, the crew educates the campers on the Cape Fear River and some of the historical features of it and Wilmington!

-Michaela LeMay, Program Coordinator