Posted by admin | 11.23.2011 | Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital

Things To Be Thankful For

Things that we are thankful for this past year:

Twenty-five turtles released in June.

Seven sea turtles released in September.

Over 100 nests on Topsail this summer.

Sand dunes that protect our coast and the sea turtle nests.

Salt marshes providing nursery habitats for lots of juvenile fish – including some that find their way to our dinner table.

Oyster and mussel beds that helped filter our waters.

A new 10,000 square foot facility with labs, surgery, and education rooms.

A radiograph machine allowing each turtle to be x-rayed for obstructions and foreign objects.

An incredible, caring group of volunteers that unselfishly give all that they have.

Interns that inspired and encouraged our students at the hospital.

A staff committed to sharing their passion for the marine world.

Campers interested in changing the world, one turtle at a time.

New programs, including the Costa Rican Ecology Camp.

Jean Beasley.

All our oceans.

Please let us know what else you are thankful for this season by posting on our Facebook wall.