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The Season of Giving

You didn’t sleep a wink, yet up before dawn, and soon dashing down the stairs. In no time you’re under the tree jumping with anticipation. It must be Christmas morning! Let your mom get her camera ready, then you’re off, opening up the biggest present first… obviously. Making your way to the stockings, you slide out a card; little do you know this will be the best present yet. On the inside, you find a note from your parents – YOU’RE GOING TO SEA TURTLE CAMP!

What an amazing, life-changing opportunity! When you join the Sea Turtle Camp family, you are helping heal an endangered species in many different ways. You will volunteer your time bathing, feeding, and rehabilitating the turtles. You are also gaining a wealth of knowledge about marine science and sea turtles that you can share with others to raise awareness. This experience can even (and has many times before) turn into your career. But there is one more thing you are giving besides a helping hand, a monetary donation!

Did you know a portion of every tuition is donated to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center? 

You are giving you time, money, and care to these sea turtles, which is truly making a difference in their lives.

Each year, Sea Turtle Camp donates thousands of dollars directly to the hospital – all because of you. This donation helps cover costs of medicine, transportation, and just keeping the lights on and the pumps pumping! In 2018 we donated $22, 535, adding up to a grand total of $149,815! We wouldn’t be able to give this amazing gift without you.

You can also “adopt a sea turtle” at the bottom of this page to help!

THANK YOU for your continued support in sea turtle conservation! Through education and public awareness we can ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the natural wonder of these magnificent marine species.