Posted by Michaela LeMay | 02.20.2024 | Sea Turtle Camp, Sea Turtle Camp News

The Magic of Camp

Summer camp is a place of discovery, joy, and memory making. It is a place of magic that allows youth to explore their interests with other like-minded youth through the guidance of dedicated and caring counselors. At Sea Turtle Camp we work tirelessly to allow youth the opportunity to explore the world of marine science while developing their knowledge, connections, and self-confidence.

Our programs are focused on the many facets of marine science. From seining in the salt marsh to learning about microplastics and water quality, campers dip their toes in many different areas of the subject. It allows them to explore career opportunities, studies of interest, and pick the brains of current marine scientists all while developing their knowledge base with their peers.

Camper connections are highlighted in every program. Connecting to the ocean, their peers, and their counselors, there is no shortage of relationship growth. Our focus on the connections campers build at camp stems from the lifelong relationships we hope they build. By prioritizing “family time” at camp, campers can engage with their peers every night and build lifelong friendships. Their counselors’ mentoring can influence their career paths, life paths, and so much more. Lastly, the connection they build with the ocean and environment will develop stewardship within them and create the next generation of marine scientists and conservationists.

Throughout camp, as their knowledge grows and their relationships strengthen, their self-confidence will flourish. They will feel empowered to leave camp and continue their pursuit of education, field work, and changing the world.

Sea Turtle Camp is a special summer camp that brings counselors and campers with the same passions together. They explore during their camp stay and leave with a solid foundation in marine science, lifelong friends, and incredible memories. We love camp and are excited for the 2024 season!