Posted by admin | 11.27.2013 | Sea Turtle Camp News




Things that we are thankful for this past year:

Every single healthy sea turtle released nationwide

The 301 miles of North Carolina coast line

The new Sea Turtle Hospital facility in Surf City, NC

The amazing 2013 Sea Turtle Camp staff

The Archie Carr Legacy

Certified Wildlife Lighting

Sandy toes and the warm summer sun

Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

A record year for green sea turtle nesting in Florida

Campers who change the world, one turtle at a time

Our new Hawaii Sea Turtle Camp program

The Endangered Species Act (ESA)

The organizers of every beach clean-up worldwide

Careful boaters and mindful fishermen

Volunteers, Interns, and Donaters alike

Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDS)

Jean Beasley

Please let us know what else you are thankful for this season by posting on our Facebook wall.