Posted by Michaela LeMay | 12.05.2023 | Conservation

Sustainable Seafood

The holidays bring people together and create a great excuse to enjoy some incredible food. With access to the coast, we are lucky to enjoy fresh seafood during these times in North Carolina. One thing we are always aware of is how to eat some delicious grub while remaining sustainable. This is why we always check the facts about our seafood before we buy.

First, we want to make sure that we know where our catch is coming from. We always look to buy local and if what we want isn’t available, we often change our plans and our minds about what is being served. Being in a coastal community, this is much easier for us because we have so many different options to buy locally but also support our small businesses! We not only know where our seafood is coming from, but we are also getting to know our community better through support and conversations.

Second, we like to ask how our seafood is caught, we want to make sure that the rest of the environment is considered. It is no surprise that the ocean and its animals need our help, this is one way for us to contribute to conservation. By ensuring we are choosing seafood options that are caught with as little impact on the rest of the environment as possible, we will make a difference. By-catch, overfishing, and pollutants can cause major impacts on species’ populations, species’ health, and the health of the ocean.

We continuously try to make efforts to increase our conservation awareness and remaining diligent about our seafood consumption is one of those ways. We prioritize teaching conservation in our programs and to increase our campers’ awareness of the impacts they have on the environment. Whenever you’re looking to eat some delicious seafood, we highly encourage you to do some digging before you dive in!