Posted by Bailey Kaufman | 04.04.2024 | Marine Science, Sea Turtle Camp

Shorebird Identification: The American Oystercatcher

The American Oystercatcher, a charismatic shorebird native to the coastal regions of North America, is distinguished by its striking appearance and distinctively long, bright orange bill, which it employs skillfully to extract mollusks from their shells. With its black and white plumage punctuated by bold eye-catching hues, this species cuts a distinctive figure along sandy shores and tidal flats. Equipped with stout legs and a robust build, it navigates rocky coastlines with agility, often emitting its distinctive, shrill call as it forages for food. As a key player in coastal ecosystems, the American Oystercatcher plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of intertidal communities, making it a vital symbol of the delicate coastal habitats it calls home.