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Sea Turtle Camp – Loggerheads June 16th 2013

A big thank you to our campers, staff, and interns who made the kick off of the 2013 Sea Turtle Camp such an epic experience!

loggerhead group

  “It’s hard to decide what my favorite event during Sea Turtle Camp Was.  In the midst of first day introductions, visits to the sea turtle hospital, having fun at the beach and fun family time, it’s too much say “this was my favorite event”.  With our group all sociable and over all a ton of laughs, it was a great fitting end to my time here.  It saddens me that I won’t be able to come back next year, but it doesn’t mean that future generations can’t come and enjoy the rare opportunity to see these wonderful and endangered creatures.  May the love of the sea turtles our camps inspire others to fight for the turtle’s survival”. – Jacob K – 17, Virgina

“I mainly liked Sea Turtle Camp because I got the rare opportunity to feed and wash real sea turtles.  I was able to make eleven new friends who acted as my second family.  I got to surf, go pier fishing!.  My counselors were the best in the world and they were just as fun loving as the campers were.  Every night we had family night where all of us played games and watched movies togther.”- Anthony M – 16, North Carolina

“Sea Turtle Camp has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  I’ve made so many memories that I will never forget.  The Loggerhead team has become more than just my friends they’ve become a second family.  Going and working with the turtles was an amazing thing to be able to do.  I wish I could have stayed and worked with them longer.  Surfing was really fun and SUPing was hilarious, especially when we got to the mud slide.  There is honestly nothing I would ever change about my time here.  It breaks my heart to leave everyone and they now have a special place in my heart.” – Jessica D – 15, Kentucky

loggerheads“What I liked most about Sea Turtle Camp was making new friends and helping the turtles and the environment.  Without Jean and Karen Beasley, we wouldn’t be here.  I picked up a lot of trash and cleaned up the beaches.  Everything I did was fun! This year was even better than last year we even got to go pier fishing.”

“I like changing the world around me.  If nobody cared for the earth, the world would be upside down.  One of my favorite quotes is, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” -The Lorax

Activities  we did were boogie boarding, surfing, marshing, fishing, helping out at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital, picking up trash, visiting the new turtle hospital, and going to the aquarium.  This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!  I hope to return next year!” –  Matthew H – 15, Maryland

“Sea Turtle Camp was an incredible experience.  I loved it when we went to the Sea Turtle Hospital and got to interact with the sea turtles.  Bathing them and cleaning their tanks was really fun.  I also loved when we went paddle boarding and boogie boarding.  It was also really cool to catch the fish and crabs. When we went fishing on the pier it was so much fun.  The coolest part of fishing on the pier was holding the little shark.  I’ve always wanted to go surfing and when I finally went it was amazing.  The best part about surfing was standing up on a wave.  The best part of camp though was the amazing friends I made.”  – Abbey T – 14, Virginia

“My favorite part Sea Turtle Camp was making new friends.  I also liked taking care of sea turtles.  I seriously consider you join the Sea Turtle Camp it is an unforgettable experience.” –Matthew C  – 14, Pennsylvania 

crfab“I really liked taking care of the turtles.  It was so cool that we could actually feel, clean, and take care of them.  I also like the outdoor activities like surfing, SUPing, paddle boating, and boogie boarding.  I liked family time  and also just talking in our rooms.  I liked learning all about the beach and using nets to find stuff in the water.  One of my favorite things was pier fishing.  I think overall I loved to work with the turtles.  It really made me want to work with sea turtles in the future.” – Eliza F- 14, Virginia

“I really enjoyed Sea Turtle Camp because I met lots of new friends and learned lots of cool things!  From surfing to eating ice cream with my new friends, we never ran out of things to do!  The instructors were awesome!  They were always ready to lend a helping hand and teach us new things.  There were willing to give up their time for us.  My favorite thing was pier fishing and the night beach walk.  I was constantly amazed by how much we did in one day.  So many activities!  I also loved the family nights and luau at the end.  The friendships I made and things I learned will forever be one of my best memories.” – Macy W – 16,  Georgia

“I really enjoyed Sea Turtle Camp.  This is for so many reasons.  I enjoyed making some new friends that I will always remember.  Also I enjoyed having some great counselors that were fun to be around.  I also enjoyed all the activities that we got to do such as surfing.  I enjoyed having fun in the sun on the beach, in the marsh, and on the paddleboards.  I had a great time working with sea turtles.  The interns were great and also Jean, the head of the hospital was very nice and calming.  The hospital was very informational.  Being around endangered animals was awesome because it is an experience like no other.  I loved this camp and I would recommend it to other people.”  – Carter H – 14,  Maryland


“I absolutely loved Sea Turtle Camp!  I totally recommend it and I will tell all my friends about it.  I loved surfing and boogie boarding.  I really enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends.  I really felt lucky to have an opportunity to be up close and personal with sea turtles.  During family time we played games and got to know a little bit more about each other every night.  Family time is probably one of the things I most enjoyed.  I can’t even explain how much I love this camp.  The memories, the friends, and the new experiences I made will forever be the best.  I had such an awesome time and I’ll probably come back next year.  All of my camp counselors were amazing.  They’re so fun, and I just felt like we all became family.  This was the best summer ever”- Ciana R – 16,  Connecticut 

“I liked helping at the Sea Turtle Hospital.  I also liked meeting people from different places and with different accents.  Boogie Boarding was a lot of fun, as well as surfing.  Jean was great to listen to and very interesting to talk to.  Family time was also fun, and I really liked watching “Wreck It Ralph”.  I am very happy with my hair braiding from my instructor,Taylor.” Lucy M – 14, Massachusetts 

“Sea Turtle Camp wasan amazing experience!  I went last year too, and both years were amazing.  The counselors were great too!  We did more things this year than last year.  I got to see how the camp evolved.  One of the new activities was pier fishing.  We did other stuff too like going to the Fort Fisher Aquarium.  We also used cast and dip nets on the south end of Topsail.  The other campers were amazing too!  It was amazing how quick we all bonded together!  My absolute favorite thing was probably…everything!” – Dylan H – 13, Maryland