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Sea Turtle Camp – Loggerheads July 28, 2013


“Sea Turtle Camp was amazing! We got to do things that others will never get a chance to do. We went surfing and went to the aquarium, as well as seeing 3 sea turtle releases. But one of the best parts was probably working at the sea turtle hospital! We got to hand clean and feed sea turtles and got to play with Mamma Kitty! Sea Turtle Camp is the best experience I’ve ever had! I hope I can come back next year with all my new friends and do it all over again!” Alexa – 14, Maryland

“Sea Turtle Camp was absolutely wonderful! I had so much fun and made a lot of lifetime friends! I will never forget this experience because I got to do things that some people won’t even dream of. The feeling you get when a sea turtle looks you in the eye is something you never will forget. We got to work up close to these wonderful animals more than once and even got to see the release of 3 turtles! My favorite part of camp was seeing a mother Loggerhead lay her eggs in the middle of the night. I loved everything about the people I met and the things I’ve done and I hope to return next year!” Keely Larson – 13, Montana

600777_10151816023256411_1435403792_n“We did so many amazing things this week during Sea Turtle Camp. Even though it was so hard to pick my favorite part of the week, I do have one. When I went to the new sea turtle hospital, the founder, Jean Beasley was there. I have always wanted to meet her in person and I was able to get her to sign my new turtle shirt that I bought. She wrote me a little message and her name. I was so excited because I finally got to meet my idol and hero. I aspire to be like her one day.” Alexandra – 14, New Jersey

“I had a lot of fun at Sea Turtle Camp. We did lots of cool things like surfing, going to the beach, pretending to be mother sea turtles, and lots more. It was really great to meet lots of new people who soon became good friends and that were all interested in the same things I am. One of my favorite parts was actually working at the Sea Turtle Hospital. Being able to hand clean and work right beside 3 different species of turtles was an incredible experience. Another amazing thing was seeing a turtle nest and being present at 3 turtle releases. Overall, this camp was the best camp I’ve ever been to and I hope I can do it again next year!” Abigail – 13, Pennsylvania

“Sea Turtle Camp was great. It was amazing to be able to actually interact with live sea turtles and learn all about them. We got to see 3 turtles released back into their homes and one of them I actually had worked with. I also loved surfing. I was terrified that I was going to hurt myself but it ended up being super fun. I only got up once but I loved it anyway. Sea Turtle Camp was great and I hope I can come again!” Katie – 13, Virginia


“I loved my time at Sea Turtle Camp! It was extremely fun and we got to do a lot of things. I really loved being here. I loved to see the turtles and wash them. They all have very good personalities! I also loved watching a Loggerhead lay its eggs. Being here I am very grateful to get the chance to be here. The counselors were very fun! They were all very nice. I don’t think I could ever forget about coming here. I have made so many memories. Next year I hope to come back. I really loved it!” Stephanie – 14, Pennsylvania

“Sea Turtle Camp was the best camp I’ve ever been to. It was very fun and super educational. We got to work with the sea turtles like: cleaning the tanks, scrubbing their backs, feeding them, cleaning them. Not only did we work with them but we also got to see a turtle lay her eggs and to hold one. Also we saw some people take turtle eggs and put them in higher area. I have to say that my favorite part of camp was getting to see three turtles released. It was Radio, Twix, and Lea.  But we don’t just work with turtles, we also get to go to different places like the aquarium, downtown Wilmington, Cape Fear river, the beach, and the park. We also did some activities like surfing and paddleboarding. Sea Turtle Camp was amazing and I would love to do this camp again. They had so much stuff to do and everybody was nice to hang out with.” Sydney -13, California 

1004910_10151814355251411_922025624_n“I think Sea Turtle Camp is a great learning experience and is the best and most fun camp I have ever been to! I made lots of friends, saw 3 sea turtles be released, washed sea turtles (they love when you rub their backs) and lots of other fun stuff. Taylor, Alden, and Carlena were awesome and super fun. Family time was my favorite because it was super fun, funny, and I got to know everyone more. Sea Turtle Camp was the best camp EVER!!!” Christopher – 13, Virginia

“I love this camp so much! The instructors were awesome and I had lots of fun. We went pier fishing, we went to the hospital, we went swimming, and lots more than that. I wish I could do this every year and I recommend this to any turtle lover.” Erik – 14, Arkansas

“This experience was so amazing and it is incredibly difficult to have one distinct favorite activity. When we went to the sea turtle hospital, we got to clean both the turtles and their tanks. Even though it doesn’t sount that fun, it was amazing just to be in the presence of a sea turtle. We also went to the new hospital which was much larger than the old hospital. While we were at the new hospital, we met Jean Beasley, the founder of the sea turtle hospital, and she signed our shirts that we bought from the gift shop. I’m looking forward to next year because I know I will be coming back!” Andrew – 14, New York

1012735_10151810561631411_1639304588_nThis week has been the best experience of my entire life. I never would have thought that I could have had this much fun. I learned so much about sea turtles and I feel very lucky to be able to learn all this. This camp has been a blast.

My favorite part of camp was surfing. I’ve never surfed before and it felt so awesome to learn. This whole experience has been something I have never imagined. It has been so fun! I can’t stress enough has much fun this camp has been! I really hope to come back next year!

Lastly, the counselors have been so fun! I really hope that if I come back next year, they’re still here. My favorite counselor was Taylor. She just loves to have fun. She can make anything into a good time and I don’t know how she does it. This whole camp has been amazing and I really hope that I can come back with the same counselors sometime. Dylan – 13, New Hampshire