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Sea Turtle Camp – Leatherbacks July 28th, 2013

996895_10151808342476411_898931518_n“When I first came to Sea Turtle Camp, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. All I had to go by was a love of being on the water. I mean what could go wrong? After coming home I was psyched to explore career paths in both marine biology and oceanography. While we did many exciting activities such as participating in a trawl and surfing; it was the plastics talk and getting to watch a sea turtle lay her eggs that were my favorite!  The talk by Bonnie, a professor at UNCW, utilizes a wide range of visuals and brings to light many issues of out oceans that so many are unaware of.  10 out of 10 would recommend.”  Andrew – 17, Massachusetts

“I really loved surfing and hanging out at the beach with everybody. Getting to know people and make friends was really awesome! It was also amazing going to the Sea Turtle Hospital and seeing not only the cute turtles but the dedicated passionate people that keep it running and take such great care of the turtles. Even if you don’t end up going into marine science, it taught you to be passionate about whatever you choose to do, and that your dedication can make an impact!”  Amanda- 17, New Hampshire

523998_10151812623411411_1892837995_n“The memorable experience during camp was getting to work hands-on with volunteers who give up their time and energy to rehabilitated injured sea turtles. Working with them made me realize the time and commitment that goes along with caretaking of marine wildlife. From washing and feeding, to cleaning tanks; no job it overlooked in the maintenance of these wonderful species.”  Melissa – 17, Pennsylvania

“My favorite part of camp was just living in the rooms and swimming in the ocean. When I’m just relaxing like that I get happy. Also, the counselors were nice and kind. I also liked all the activities we did like surfing, pier fishing and stuff like that.” Michael – 16, North Carolina

My favorite part of Sea Turtle Camp was meeting all new people and learning about a common interest. I liked how we learned about sea turtles in detail, but also did other water-related things, like surfing and paddleboarding. I really want to come next year, Or maybe Hawaii! I can’t wait!” Katy – 15, Georgia

“I loved Sea Turtle Camp because I know that not a lot of people will get the same opportunities I did. For example, going to the Sea Turtle Hospital! That was definitely my favorite part, and bathing the turtles. The fact that I could do this with all of my new friends was super fun, and I hope to come back next year. I am very grateful.” Haley – 15, North Carolina

1016815_10151810547871411_1261268886_n“This entire camp was an amazing experience .Helping out  at the hospital  was an awesome opportunity. Probably the most memorable thing for me was seeing the turtle lay her nest. That was a sight that I will never forget. All the other activities that we did were also really fun and cool. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this.” Julia – 15, Illinois

“My most meaningful experience was getting to go tothe turtle releases. It was  awesome to see all the people that wanted to watch. I loved seeing  the turtle Radio swim away. He was so fast I didn’t think a turtle could swim that fast. The visits to the hospital were great as well. It was also very exciting and inspiring seeing all the progress that the new hospital had made and gives me a lot to look forward too.” Erin – 15

“At camp, I loved watching the turtles being released into the ocean from the hospital. Working with these fragile turtles and helping them become strong again was amazing. Seeing them return to their home is an emotional and proud moment. Working with these incredible animals was heartwarming and spectacular. I hope to do it again soon!” Glenna – 15, Pennsylvania

“Coming to Sea Turtle Camp was a lot of fun. I got to meet people from all over the country which was cool too. My favorite part of Sea Turtle Camp was getting to surf because the waves were graeat! I also enjoyed getting to spend time on the beach to just swim around.” Kaitlin – 17, Massachusetts

“My favorite part of Sea Turtle Camp was being able to watch the releases of 3 turtles. I went to a boarding school for a year, so I know what it felt like to be kept from my home for a long time. I came home as a new person, and so did all of the turtles. It was an emotional experience for me because of that connection. I am grateful to have mthis opportunity.” Abby – 17, Pennsylvania

“With these past six days, my experiences have been quite an adventure! Thanks to my brilliant instructors and the Sea Turtle Hospital Staff I have gained an ample amount of knowledge about sea turtles and marine biology. Some of my favorite activities included helping out at the hospital and surfing. Overall, my time at the Sea Turtle Camp has been a great one.” Brianna – 15, Pennsylvania