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Sea Turtle Camp – July 7 Loggerheads


“My experience in Sea Turtle Camp was unforgettable.  You come face to face with an enormous sea turtle and feed, clean, sometimes even play with them.  The beaches were amazing, and watching a turtle nesting is something that will forever be in my memory.  I will never forget the people I’ve met in this camp.  I’ve made friendships that will probably last forever.  Everyone in your camp is your family.  We have dinners together, struggle together, succeed together, basically we’re united until the very end.  The counselors are people that will impact your life vastly. Their love for the ocean and its inhabitants will make you want to try harder and face your fears (because there are things in this camp that you would probably never do).  If anyone is undecided whether they should go to the camp or not I say DO IT!  If you love the ocean and are curious to know more about it, I highly recommend this camp.  You won’t regret it!”  Nalani Marrero – 14, Florida


“During my time at Sea Turtle Camp I learned so many things and made a lot of new friends.  Everyone on my team has gotten really close.  We got to see and do things that most people don’t get to do.  We got to see a sea turtle nesting as well as a nest relocation.  We also got to feed, scrub, and wash the tanks.  We got to go SUPing and take surfing lessons.  We got to eat Froyo after the lessons.  We got to learn about the dunes and oceanography.  At the end of the camp we have a luau and the surf camp kids come and we play a soccer game against them.  We won 6-5.  Go Turtles!  I love this camp.  I will come back again!“ Gabrielle Tanner -13, Pennsylvania

“Sea Turtle Camp: a sweet vacation mixed with a wicked learning experience.  I’ve tried so many new things from paddle boarding to bathing a sea turtle.  I’ve made so many new friends, friends that will last a life time.  The leaders and directors are so cool and very smart.  I have learned so much from them, they teach in a way that no school teacher has ever taught me before.  I love the opportunities that I have experienced.  Seeing the big mama Loggerhead sea turtle lay eggs and crawl back to the ocean pretty much made my life.  Sea Turtle Camp has been so enlightening and insightful.  I owe it all to Carlena, Taylor, Alden and all the interns at the sea turtle hospital.  Thanks guys!” Katy Williams – 15, Georgia

1003807_10151767456001411_2108266254_n“Coming to Topsail Island for Sea Turtle Camp has been absolutely amazing.  Being able to work with the turtles at the sea turtle hospital was the best experience anyone could ever have.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity.  I loved the things we were able to do and my absolute favorite part was seeing a Loggerhead turtle nest.  That was definitely a once in a lifetime chance.  Being able to learn so much about turtles and invertebrates was amazing because I came to camp not knowing anything.  I want to thank all the interns for letting us help them with the turtles, and our group leaders who help and lead us to be great people!” Julia DeMartino –  15, Virginia

“I have been to camp before, but Sea Turtle Camp is a different experience that I will never forget.  I learned about the sea turtles behaviors, species, body functions, and how nasty plastic is and that every piece of plastic counts.  These are just a few examples of what I learned.

But camp wasn’t all just learning, it was also filled with games, road trips, memories, laughs, and friends.  Everyone was so nice and welcoming.  I highly recommend this camp to teenagers who love Marine Biology and of course, sea turtles.


My favorite activities were probably going to the sea turtle hospital and caring for sea turtles.  I particularly liked Harold because of his story, species and personality.  Another amazing experience was seeing a Loggerhead laying eggs and watching her make her way back into the ocean.  I also liked the luau and playing soccer against Surf Camp.  Not only was the camp fun, but I gained some friendships that I am glad to have including the counselors.  This is a camp that I will never forget.” Taleya Ouellet – 13, Canada

“My time at Sea Turtle Camp was the best in the world.  I made new friends and learned so much more.  You become family and it makes people fit in with others that share the same passion as yourself.

We learned about sea turtles and how to help.  We also learned about other animals.  We surfed and paddle boarded, which was awesome!  I saw for the first time a sea turtle nesting and a relocation.  Seeing the turtles was the best.  I totally would recommend it and come back!” Maritza Mercado – 13, North Carolina


“Sea Turtle Camp was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  It was so fun to be able to help the sea turtles at the hospital and also do things like squid dissection and beach cleanup there too.  What made camp even better was the fact we got to visit other places like the salt marsh, the outcrops, and the fouling docks.  We also got to visit the Fort Fisher Aquarium which was awesome.

Besides studying organisms and their habitats, we also got to go stand up paddle boarding, paddle boating, and surfing.  Surfing was really fun!  I loved everything about camp, even the car rides because we got to listen to music and sing.  Sea Turtle Camp gave me the opportunities to experience new things like seeing a sea turtle nesting.  I will always remember my time here, and hope I can come back next year.” Kyra Flynn – 14, Virgina

“My time at Sea Turtle Camp was a great experience!  I was inspired, had fun, and made great friends.  Being able to hold a sea turtle egg and watch one nest…AMAZING!  I hope that everyone had a great time!  The instructors were amazing as well.

My favorite time at Sea Turtle Camp was trying to find out every ones name!  After that we became a family.  They drove me to learn and understand the sea turtles.  I will never forget them.” Erin Latimer – 13, Kansas

“Camp was a very eye opening experience.  I was amazed at the sea turtles and how friendly they are.  I also learned many new things while at camp.  Things from in the ocean like Squid and in the marshes like crabs.

I am from North Carolina and have come to either 2 or 3 beaches down from Topsail once or twice a year.  I knew many things about the marine life from coming every year for 12 years, but I still learned way more than I ever thought.  Then on our last night we got to see a real mom Loggerhead nesting at 2am.  The camp was very good with very inviting and funny counselors.  The people I bunked with were easy to be around and are now good friends.” Will Hedrick – 13, North Carolina


“Sea Turtle Camp for me was a way to reconnect with the ocean.  Living in Utah allows little time to enjoy all the ocean has to offer.  Working with the turtles was an incredible experience and you don’t really know how much you love the species till you have worked with them.  I really liked experiencing things I’d never find in Utah.  I pumped that I got to surf again after a year or so.  Everything you do at Sea Turtle Camp makes you realize how tightly bound humanity is to the ocean and how we could also be the end of it.” Isaac Ball – 13, Utah

3017_10151774043431411_189540781_n“Sea Turtle Camp is one of the best experiences I have ever had.  It’s not like other camps, its special.  You get away from your parents for at least a week and learn on your own.  We learned so many things in a week than what I would have learned in school during the day, from exploring in the marsh to helping out at the hospital.  One of the best things was touching a turtle.  I had never seen one that wasn’t behind glass in an Aquarium It is really inspiring to know you are learning about things that can help you change the world.  To know so many people are willing to come together and help save a species excites me.  I have met so many wonderful people.  It has been truly wonderful to be here and one day when I’m a Marine Biologist I’m going to think back to the good ole’ days at Sea Turtle Camp.” Nola Smith -12, Connecticut  

“I really enjoyed Sea Turtle Camp!  Everything was fun, amazing, and very exciting.  I learned so much about sea turtles and how they behave, eat, crawl, swim, and so much more.  If you really love turtles, animals, or marine biology then you should enroll in this wonderful camp.  My favorite part about Sea Turtle Camp was that we got to see an adult Loggerhead sea turtle lay her eggs on the beach at 2am!  We watched her until she returned to the ocean.  Sea Turtle Camp is so great because you get so many rare opportunities with sea turtles.  I love Sea Turtle Camp!!” Reed Yarbrough – 14, Tennesseead