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Sea Turtle Camp – July 7 Leatherbacks


“To me, Sea Turtle Camp was an amazing and eye opening experience. Upon arrival, I had no idea how the next few days of camp would go. I can honestly say that the days spent at Sea Turtle Camp were some of the best I’ve ever had. Not only were the activities extremely fun and eye-opening, but the people I shared these experiences with were probably the highlight of my week. I have never felt so comfortable with, and close to a group of people while I was at camp, including counselors. I know people sometimes say this and don’t mean it, but I can honestly say that we were all friends, and you could talk to anyone of the 15 people (counselors included) and feel like you were talking to someone you had been friends with for far longer than 6 days. Through the activities we did (like catching wildlife with nets) I learned so much about identifying wildlife outside of a classroom. We were literally immersed into what we were learning about. When we visited the hospital I was exposed to the passion that people have for sea turtles, and that will stick with me forever I also thoroughly enjoyed the van rides with we would jam to some pretty sick tunes. So I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing and life changing week that I will never forget…PS I like turtles.” Alissa Buck –  18, Pennsylvania


“This camp was AMAZING. It was a lot more fun and inspiring than my first year, although that was also amazing. I loved where we stayed. I felt like I got a lot closer to the group this time. The counselors were equally amazing. They got to know us, they made sure we were all having a good time, kept a positing attitude, and became really easy to talk to. They were also hilarious.

The interaction that we got with the sea turtles and interns was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Being so close to a sea turtle and being able to take care of them was such a blessing. Even more so, knowing that we’re the only people in the world who get to do that.

While at camp, we’ve experiences so many beautiful and wonderful things. We’ve seen a nest relocation which was so cool because we learned how they did it and why. We also experiences a turtle nesting. It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. It’s not often that people get to see that we were able to. Seeing the turtle dig her nest and camouflage herself and the nest. It was so much fun encouraging her to keep going as she was crawling back to sea. It’s hard to put into words how amazing this experience was. Six days was too short. I never want it to end. I will treasure this experience and the friends I’ve made for my whole life.” Megan Ormsby- 16, Missouri


“Sea Turtle Camp is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve been twice- once as a camper and once as a counselor in training. Both times have been so influential and have taught me so much not only about sea turtles and the ocean, but myself and what I hope to accomplish in my future. What I love most about this camp is the variety of activities we do. One day you could be scrubbing a sea turtles back and getting an entertaining anatomy lesson, and the next you could be catching your first wave on a surf board. I love everything I’ve done here at camp, especially the things I’ve tried for the first time, like surfing, SUP-ing, or even mud facials at the marsh. This camp opens your mind to so many new things while at the same time expanding it with knowledge on sea turtle conservation and marine life.” Rachel Baker- 18, North Carolina

“My experience here was amazing. I loved washing Pattie with the broom. It made me realize how important sea turtles and marine life is to everything. Life changing things happen here. I’m trying, I’m learning, I’m loving!” Shannon Ryan- 17, Massachusetts

“ In this camp I really enjoyed meeting the new people. Also seeing the sea turtle lay eggs was amazing, the turtle was huge! And now that I’ve seen what plastic does to our environment, I will never use  it again. Instead I will use glass items. I enjoyed seeing how much the new hospital has improved from how it looked last year. I liked fishing mostly because it was new. I liked the amount of freedom we had in our rooms and I think that made use more responsible by having us keep the room as clean as possible. My favorite part was working hands on with the turtles, it’s so amazing. The complexity of these creatures I learned a lot from this camp and I would like to thank my counselors for that.” Christian Vik- 14, Virginia

994519_10151772028656411_1955846258_n“Sea Turtle Camp was amazing experience that not only offered loads of fun for summer, but also many educational aspects as well. They were always hands-on experiences, which made these memories easier to keep with me and take the valuable information I gained anywhere I go. Some of the most memorable parts of camp was witnessing a loggerhead turtle nest, which was extremely awe-inspiring and breath taking. I can always keep that experience with me and cherish that event, because it’s not always something people are lucky enough to witness. Another amazing aspect of this camp would have to be the people. Here I not only found comfort, but also kindness, respect, and vitality in each person. The activities we did only made things better, because there we got to bond and form stronger friendships with people I had recently just met. Not only were the people great, but also the counselors. They always made things fantastically light-hearted and airy, which was always felt by the rest of the camp. One of my favorite memories with all of the camp together was in the can when we had some ‘family time’ where we sang along to great songs and had a blast jamming. All together, these 6 short days at Sea Turtle Camp were some of my favorite. This is definitely an experience I will always keep with me and I encourage anyone who has an interest in this camp to jump in and do it. You will be happy you did!” Amy Buck- 16, Pennsylvania

995116_10151769841366411_1289045548_n“The things I like most about this camp was the experiences with the sea turtles as well as meeting new people. The coolest  things that I saw at this camp was a sea turtles nesting on the beach. My second favorite activity was going to the marsh and taking samples of creatures, who lived there. I learned many things as well like the Endangered Animal Protection Act. I loved that whole 6 days camp experience and I would definitely come back.” Colin Stephens- 15, Michigan

“Sea Turtle Camp is an amazing place to get a hands-on experience with sea turtles. You also meet a lot of amazing people. There is never a dull moment! The staff are very knowledgeable and exciting. You learn so much from them. If you are passionate about the ocean, then Sea Turtle Camp is the place to be!” Melissa Sirikan- 17, Massachusetts

“Personally, I have always believed that the experiences I have happen for a reason- to teach me a lesson or show me some sort of truth. I can honestly say that the time I have spent at Sea Turtle Camp has been some of the happiest times for me. I have learned so much, laughed so much, and basically feel like a new, changed person when it all comes to the end. This year, some incredible things happened that I could never ever forget. I got to care for some of the most amazing creatures  on this earth in a very direct, hands-on way. Just being able to help these animals by washing and feeding them made me feel like I was truly a part of something much bigger than simplistic teenage problems. And something that brought me even closer to nature and the science that I love so much. I loved witnessing a mother sea turtle lay 149 eggs at 2 am. I have never felt so lucky to be a part of something than I did sitting on the beach at night watching the turtle nest as it’s been going on for missions of years. This was just another way in which I was enlightened by this experience at camp. Lastly, two other aspects of the camp were so special to me. I am very passionate about learning and marine biology- I have been since I was 3 years old. Getting to learn about everything from the exfoliating properties of marsh mud to the discovery of mysterious purple goo has been amazing for me. The relationships I formed here made it all the more special. Spending time together, getting fro-yo, and dancing in the van made me feel extremely close to not only my fellow campers, but also to the understanding, funny, and just awesome counselors.” Jennifer Andreacchi- 15, New Jersey


“Sea Turtle Camp was an amazing experience. The lessons we received were revitting and interesting. Working hands-on with the animals at the hospital was such a great honor. The highlight of camp was definitely getting to see a sea turtle nest on the beach, something that I can only describe as magical. Experiencing marine wildlife up close like this really changed how I look at the oceans and makes me what to protect it more.” Sydney Bai- 17, New York

“Sea Turtle Camp is an amazing opportunity. It teaches kids about the importance of sea turtles and how everyone can help them. For me, it did just that. It showed me that everything we do affects some form of life. I got to see some different animals and organisms that survive and live off the water. We caught those animals and observed them using our new knowledge we received from our instructors. This camp allows us biologists of the future to work hands on with these amazing creatures. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Patrick Downing- 14, Ohio