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Mother Ocean watching over new releases

On September 13th, Jean and volunteers from the hospital and various sea turtle projects throughout southeastern North Carolina helped return 7 turtles that have been in their care at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital.  Five of the turtles were Kemp’s ridleys and two were green sea turtles. Some of those released were ones that our campers became very familiar with: AJ, Riptide, Mint, Major, Vonda K, Coastline, and Gillis. It was very touching to see all these turtles returned to their natural environment, and the day was summed up well in Jean’s pre-release blessing of this fleet of turtles.

Mother of all Oceans.

Today we return to you these sick and injured sea turtles that have been in our care.

We ask that you send your ocean creatures to greet them and that they show them the way as they return home.

That they look over them and protect them as they enter this world of great danger.

We can make them well, but we cannot submit to the dangers that they will face in our oceans.

Mother Ocean help us to have even greater resolve to respect your world.

To make the habitats for all of the marine creatures safer.

And that as we move forward one of the things that can be written about this generation in the decades to come is that we helped to clean up your oceans.

We ask these blessings.


– Jean Beasley at September Sea Turtle Release