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Meet the Sea Turtle Camp 2020 Staff! Pt. 3

Each year, we are so excited to meet, hire, and train our amazingly diverse and talented staff.  Take a look at our Sea Turtle Camp SCUBA staff!

Meet Sahmyah, a fun new marine scientist joining our 2020 team.

Sahmyah is 20 years old and originally from Teaneck, New Jersey. Her passion for the ocean started officially during her Junior year of high school when she took an honors Marine Biology course and obtained her Advanced Open Water SCUBA certification the summer following. She moved to Columbia, South Carolina and started her schooling at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina where she majors in Marine Science and is set to graduate in May 2020. Post-graduation, her goal is to gain professional experience in the field of Marine Science and Conservation. She aspires to obtain her Master’s degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology to be a Marine Conservationist. Sahmyah’s favorite thing about the ocean is the degree to which its depths are unknown. She wishes to discover, preserve, and protect planet Earth’s final frontier, while inspiring campers to do the same.


Meet Zak, an experienced diver and swim coach.

Zak is a 28 year old student and diver with over 100 dives living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. After finishing his first degree in Education back in 2014, he spent time as a volunteer firefighter, coaching on a USA swim team, and traveling as much as possible. In 2018 he decided to go back to school pursuing a degree in Conservation Biology with the goal of eventually being able to help rebuild and protect marine environments.

Zak grew up on the Great Lakes and has always visited the ocean as much as possible. Growing up swimming, boating, and diving around all of these features has given him a deep love for the water and a desire to help protect it for future generations to enjoy just like he has. Zak is pumped be able to teach the campers about his love of the water and hopefully learn something new from them at the same time.