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Meet the Sea Turtle Camp 2020 Staff! Pt. 1

Each year, we are so excited to meet, hire, and train our amazingly diverse and talented staff. This year we have some beloved returners and some fresh faces!

Meet Allison: Sea Turtle Camp Unit Leader.

Allison was born and raise in Pittsburgh, PA where she recently completed her degree in Aquarium and Zoo Sciences with minors in Psychology and Biological Scuba Diving. She is now working towards her Master’s degree in Environmental Education while working as an Animal Care and Operations Technician. We are so excited to have her back at Sea Turtle Camp as a counselor. The first time around, she was a camper during high school! She is so excited to inspire and educate teens the way she was with her time with us. Allison was also very honored to be chosen as an intern at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital that we partner with in North Carolina. With her skills, education, and experiences, she will be an awesome leader, role model, and educator to all campers this summer!


Meet Ryan: SCUBA Unit Leader.

Ryan is from California where he studied Marine Biology and Kinesiology. He is now living in Washington state and often dives in the chilly, nutrient-rich Pacific Ocean! He loves anything outdoors such as hiking, biking, and just exploring out West. Ryan has been an Wildlife Technician and a Scientific Diver in the past, which given him the skills and experience to get where he is today.  He is a Rescue Diver with an impressive number of dives under his weight belt, but ready for many more. He loves how there is still so much unexplored in our world’s oceans, and can’t wait for you to come join him and find out. Lucky for us, this will be Ryan’s third year back at Sea Turtle Camp SCUBA, and we cant wait for him to come back to the warmer waters of NC.