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Marine Biology Careers – Prepare for Your Future

Gain Experience Today!

Interested in Marine Biology careers?  Planning on going to college to pursue a degree in Marine Biology?  There are many steps you can take today to gainmarine-biology-careers-practice experience for tomorrow.

Some ways to prepare for your future future career include:

      • Take as many science and math courses as possible and make good grades.
      • Volunteer with local ocean and environmental focused organizations.
      • Become SCUBA certified, as SCUBA is a must-have skill for any marine biologist.  Sea Turtle Camp offers both Open Water and Advanced Open Water SCUBA Courses.
      • Spend your summer gaining new skills.  Enroll in Sea Turtle Camp or another summer marine science program.

Develop Your Skills

A future marine biologist must have a strong skills and ability in:marine-biology-careers-exploration-and-study

      • Science and math
      • Writing
      • Oral communication
      • Problem solving
      • Ability to perform experiments
      • Interpretation and organization of data
      • Working with modern technology
      • Conducting research
      • Handling scientific equipment
      • Working in groups and independently
      • Scientific curiosity

Colleges with Marine Science Programs

Many colleges and universities offer strong programs in the marine sciences: