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Loggerhead turtle


Common name: Loggerhead turtle

Scientific name: Loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta

Distribution: Tropical waters worldwide

Nests on: Temperate, sometimes subtropical and tropical waters.

Beach type: Extensive mainland beaches or barrier islands.Not known to nest in India, but does nest in Sri Lanka.

Weight (adult): 200 kg

Carapace length: 80 – 100 cm

Carapace shape: Moderately broad, lightly serrated posterior margin in immatures, thickened area of carapace at base of 5th vertebral in adults.

Colouration: Generally unmarked reddish brown in subadults and adults.

Costal scutes: 5 pairs

Head shape: Large and broadly triangular

Prefrontal scales: 2 pairs

Limbs: Two claws on each flipper

Plastron: Yellow to orange

Other features: Vertebrals (centrals) narrow, so that first costal contacts nuchal scute.

Time of nesting: Night

Clutches per season: 3 – 5

Clutch size: 100 – 120

Egg size: ~ 4 cm in diameter

Re-nesting interval: 12 – 16 days

Re-migration interval: 2 – 3 years

Track: 70 – 90 cm wide, moderately deep, with asymmetrical diagonal marks made by forelimbs, tail drag mark usually absent.