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How Scuba Diving Can Change Your Life

If you are thinking about a possible career in marine science or just want to experience a new and unique hobby, scuba diving will open your eyes to a whole new world. There is nothing quite like it. Here are our reasons.

1. You will never have the same dive twice. “It is different everywhere you go, every time you go” says Bali Ocean, and they’re not wrong. Whether you are diving a colorful and diverse barrier reef in Australia or 3 inch visibility Lake Michigan, every dive brings its own adventure and experience. You could travel the world scuba diving a new destination every week, or you could dive the same spot twice a day and always have a new experience and spot new creatures. The ocean is dynamic and every dive is special.
2. You can travel the world. You can do some of the best traveling for dive trips! 70% of the world is water, why settle for only experiencing 30%? The underwater world is something completely different from the earth as you know it. It is estimated around 80% of the ocean is undiscovered, making it like outer space, but much more accessible. Being immersed in this underwater world alongside marine life in their natural habitat is something you cannot beat.
3. It can be the most peaceful place. At first thought, people are usually intimated at the fact they would be breathing underwater and are scared to dive. But in reality, once you dip below the surface, it is one of the quietest and most peaceful things you can experience. The world goes quiet except for the sound of your own breathing and the subtle clicks and bubbles of the passing fish. You are immersed in another world and completely disconnected with the noises and craziness of the outside world.
4. The friends you meet while diving are lifelong. Traveling usually results in new friends, but traveling while sharing your passion with others results in the best kinds of friends. The dive community is an amazing community where you can share your passions, trade useful information, make friends from all over the world, and just have fun. The best part is, there’s no demographic to define a diver. Divers 14 – 80 years old from all over the world can share the same amazing experience together learning from one another and sharing their stories. Diving connects people, places, and the ocean. Here at camp, lasting friendships are made getting certified and sharing a love for the ocean. Campers come back building their certification from Open Water to Rescue, then sometimes to counselor.

There’s a million more reasons to go diving, what is your reason? Or what is holding you back? You just have to get out there and dive in. Trust me, you won’t regret it!