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Green Turtle


Common name: Green turtle

Scientific name: Chelonia mydas

Distribution: Tropical and subtropical waters

Nests on: Tropical beaches worldwide, mainland and remote islands.

Beach type: Large, open beaches to small cove beaches. Mainly Gujarat on the mainland, and beaches in the Lakshadweep and Andaman Islands.

Weight (adult): 250 kg

Carapace length: 90 – 120 cm

Carapace shape: Broadly oval; margin scalloped but not serrated.

Colouration: Brown with radiating streaks in juveniles, variable in adults.

Costal scutes: 4 pairs

Head shape: Anteriorly rounded

Prefrontal scales: 1 pair

Limbs: Single claw on each flipper

Plastron: White in hatchlings, yellowish in adults

Other features: Vertebrals (centrals) large, so that first costal does not contact nuchal scute.

Time of nesting: Night

Clutches per season: 4 – 6

Clutch size: 100 – 120

Egg size: ~ 4.5 cm in diameter

Re-nesting interval: 10 – 14 days

Re-migration interval: 3 – 5 years

Track: 100 – 130 cm wide, deep, with symmetrical diagonal marks made by forelimbs, tail drag solid or broken line.

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