Posted by Michaela LeMay | 03.05.2024 | Marine Science, Sea Turtle Camp

Fast Facts: Sea Stars

Sea stars are amazing creatures that you can even see on a stroll along the beach! Here are some fast facts you may not have known about sea stars!

-Sea stars are part of the Echinoderm family and are relatives of sea urchins and sand dollars!

-They have tube feet on their underside that are used for movement, feeding, and suction! Depending on a species’ habitat, they may use their tube feet more for one purpose than the other.

-Some sea stars will have more than five arms! They can have six, ten, or even as many as forty.

-Speaking of arms, they have the amazing ability to regenerate arms when they lose them.

-There are approximately 2,000 species of sea stars.

-Some species will eject their stomachs onto their prey to eat!

-Sea stars have a madreporite, that allows water to be sucked through their circulatory system.

-Some sea stars have spines for protection from predators!

Sea stars are fascinating animals that can be found on our beaches in North Carolina. They are amazing to watch but we always discourage picking them up. They are fragile creatures!