Posted by Kasey | 01.06.2021 | Conservation, Marine Science, Turtle Talk

Conservation Efforts for Sea Turtles

“Marine turtles have persisted for eons, prospering without protected areas, conservation laws, action plans, research manuals, and other accouterments of conservation programs. It is when people are involved, with over-exploitation and habitat perturbation, that biological conservation becomes essential.”
-J.G. Frazier, Smithsonian Institutionfishy headband

When we say we want to “conserve” sea turtles, what do we really mean?

green-turtle-on-reefConservation is defined by the IUCN World Conservation Strategy as “the management of human use of organisms or ecosystems to ensure such use is sustainable. Besides sustainable use, conservation includes protection, maintenance, rehabilitation, restoration and enhancement of populations and ecosystems.”

More simply put, we are unwilling to stand by and watch these species disappear.

Sea turtle resident at the hospital

Hopefully, by reading this guide you have gained a greater appreciation for sea turtles and why it is important to conserve these special animals.

Stay tuned to these blog posts to learn more about new technologies, conservation and how you can help!