Posted by Michaela LeMay | 12.12.2023 | Scuba Diving

Adventuring with Scuba


Right off the coast of Wrightsville Beach are some amazing diving opportunities and our scuba camps get to visit a few of these awesome locations. Many of them are part of the North Carolina Artificial Reef program and if you head back a few articles, you can read all about that project! Exploring the underwater world is an experience like no other, giving campers a thrill by taking a breath beneath the surface of the water and seeing the natural habitats they love up close and personal.

Located 18 miles offshore is a 215-foot hopper dredge that was purposefully sunk in 1988! This is a favorite dive for many in our local community of divers, The Hyde! It offers a wide variety of wildlife to view, some tricks and turns for divers to explore, and a great photo opportunity on the “ledge.” At 85-feet deep, this wreck allows for exploration and takes adventure to a new underwater level! Our scuba campers are frequent visitors to the Hyde during the summer.

Almost all of our campers get to experience this next North Carolina Artificial Reef, Stone Tug! Much like its name, this is an 85- foot stone tugboat resting 65 feet below the surface. This ship was purposefully sunk in 1985 just 14 miles offshore. Here, campers can spot algae, corals, sea anemones, various fish, sea stars, jellyfish, and maybe even a shark! As they explore the wreck together, they develop that spark for diving that will drive them to further exploration in the diving world.

There are many more areas for divers right off our coast but the last we will talk about is Liberty Ship, also part of the North Carolina Artificial Reef Project. A 400-foot-long World War II Liberty Ship that sits about 50 feet below the surface. Sunk in 1974, it is one of the most common places for new divers to do their checkout dives. Also referred to as the Alexander Ramsey, this ship is near other dive sites making it a great place to view wildlife!

If your camper wants to get their open water certification or further their diving journey with a higher certification, check out Sea Turtle Camp’s Scuba Camps! We would love for you to join us on an underwater exploration adventure this coming summer!