Posted by admin | 12.31.2014 | Sea Turtle Camp News

A New Years Resolution

download (2)Well  another memorable year has passed and here at Sea Turtle Camp we are excited about what the future will hold.

As the fireworks signal the end of 2014 and a bright dawn triumphantly welcomes the start of a new year we find ourselves contemplating new beginnings as we continue on the journey of conservation. We hope that everyone will take a little time in 2015 for refection.

Our hope is that amidst returning unwanted Christmas gifts and making the standard resolutions to ” get fit”,  “work less”, ” eat healthy”, and “travel more” that you remember to inspire and encourage not only yourself but others to dedicated some of their time to a cause bigger then themselves.

Consider the world in its whole and find something to passionately fight for. Whether you choose to  support those less fortunate, advocate for peace, fight for equality, or  embark on a journey to save an endangered  species know that YOU can make a difference.

For you can be greater tomorrow than you are today and together we can change the world!