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2014 Camper Reviews

IMG_6641Sea Turtle Camp was one of, if not THE most amazing experience of my life. Not only did learn about sea turtles, but I got to interact and develop a connection with them. I got to do some pretty incredible things while I was here that I would never get the opportunity for anywhere else. I also created friendships that I know will last long after I leave here. Most importantly, this camp has opened my eyes, and made me aware of things around me and how they impact the environment. I will never look at my surroundings the same way again. Thanks for the memories that will truly last me a lifetime! -Sarah M, Tennessee

Sea Turtle Camp was the most amazing experience I have ever endured. Being able to go hands-on with the sea turtles and other marine life made me realize how amazing our ocean is. I learned on this trip that humans affect the ocean in so many ways that we don’t understand how harmful we can be. STC has expanded my knowledge about marine biology and has definitely fed my aspirations of working with sea-creatures. Not only at camp have I formed relationships with other campers and counselors, but also the turtles at the hospital. I can’t wait to come back. – Katlyn W, Maryland

Sea Turtle Camp was really fun. I enjoyed working at the Sea Turtle Hospital. I enjoyed surfing and going to the beach. I also learned so many new things about sea turtles, tides and barrier islands. -Katelyn S, Tennessee

IMG_5703Sea Turtle Camp was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed being able to help take care of endangered animals because next to no one gets to. I really liked the outreach because I could share things that I learned with other people. I made a lot of friends and learned a lot.  – Racheal F, Maryland.

Sea Turtle Camp was a mix of the best once-in-a-lifetime experiences I’ve ever had. The sights, the sounds and the hands-on opportunities are amazing. I had so much fun rooming with five other strangers who are now my close friends! – Aishah M, California

Sea Turtle Camp was amazing. The councilors are funny, nice and caring. I learned SO much and am looking forward to coming back next year. – Thao N, Tennessee

Sea Turtle Camp was the most amazing experience of my life. In this camp, I learned more about marine biology then I ever thought possible. During camp, we had so many opportunities to learn about marine biology. For example, we went to marshes, boats, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, did squid dissections and worked at the sea turtle hospital four times. My favorite part was working at the sea turtle hospital. We got to work with the sick turtles and give them soapy baths and we worked with the less sick turtles to clean their tanks and shells. I can’t think of a minute that wasn’t fun and interesting. If you are considering going to this camp, just go because I had the time of my life here and made a family and many friends. – Moira S, Ohio.

0625141603Sea Turtle Camp was AMAZING! I’m from Sterling, which is in Virginia and there is NOTHING like it anywhere near me. I loved everything about camp and wished it was so much longer. I’m going to miss the turtles, of course, and Topsail’s beaches. The rest of the summer won’t live up to this at all and if my parents allow it, I’ll try to come back next year! THANKS for the best summer EVER! – Emily S, Virginia.

Sea Turtle Camp was AMAZING!  I loved how fun, educational, and capturing it was.  The counselors were so informative as well as the surf and paddle board instructors.  The amount of times we got to go to the sea turtle hospital made me feel like I really worked there.  It was involving and awesome.  The councilors really opened up my eyes about the dangers these turtles face.  I didn’t realize how much humans can harm or help.  I know how we can make a difference all over the world for our environment.  For Sea Turtle Camp being my first camp, it was far more fun than I thought it’d be.  I love Topsail, NC and I wouldn’t want to do anything else than learn, have fun, and sea adorable sea turtles!!! – Sophia K, Maryland

Sea Turtle Camp was an amazing experience!  My favorite part was when we went surfing and volunteering at the hospital.  I loved learning all about marine biology and especially sea turtles!  The counselors knew so many facts and interesting things about marine biology.  I went to sea turtle camp to learn more about marine biology and see if it is a possible career option for me to study.  I definitely want to study marine biology more and volunteer at other places.  Overall, I had such an awesome experience and hopefully I can go back next year.  This time in Hawaii! – Eden S, Illinois

IMG_6743Sea turtle camp was an educational and all around fun experience.  The purpose of this camp for me as an individual was to identify whether or not I wanted to continue on to college focusing in marine science or rather look into a different field.  Personally sea turtle camp did this for me all while being a fun 11 days.  It allowed me to look at many career options as well as look into UNCW, a college that I was interested in.  This camp allowed me to realize what marine science actually was since I came into it with a blind eye and no knowledge about many of the topics.  Despite my limited incoming knowledge, I was still able to understand what the instructors were teaching since they explained everything in simple yet meaningful terms.  I really enjoyed the fun activities like surfing paddleboarding, and kayaking since they broke up the learning and packed day. Overall, the camp allowed me to make a clearer decision about my future all while being fun. – Reilly J, Pennsylvania