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2014 Camper Reviews

IMG_1318Sea turtle camp was an amazing experience with a perfect balance of education and fun!  This was my first time at a summer camp, but homesickness was not an issue because of the helpful counselors and my funny and kind fellow campers.  I was worried because of my severe allergy to gluten but the camp provided me with filling snacks and three hardy meals a day.  My favorite parts of the camp were the seine netting catching shark on the pier, surfing, and of course the sea turtle hospital.  Also every night we had family time where all the campers gather together and bond even closer.  I came away from Sea Turtle Camp with an increased love of marine biology and memories that will last forever.  – Lucia H, Virginia

Sea Turtle Camp was unforgettable –  it could not have been better.  Every activity, lesson, or experience was beyond what I had imagined.  Though I am not a morning person, the full schedule was something I looked forward to each day.  I have been to many day and overnight camps and this is by far my favorite.  The counselors were caring and compassionate people who were always ready to have a laugh, but were always serious enough to be prepared for each event. Sharing a room with 5 other girls brought us close as ever in a span of one week.  These are people that I want to stay in contact with. – Becca C, ConnecticutIMG_3780

What an amazing experience, one I will never forget.  I was able to retain so much new information and have fun at the same time.  Also the bonds you make with your group are so strong and it makes the camp enjoyable.  The counselors were amazing, funny, and gave us a lot of freedom when it came to our daily schedule.  I loved all of the enthusiasm they brought and how close I was able to get with them.  Our group became family and I had the best time at this camp!  – Leyla N, California

Sea Turtle Camp was an experience like no other.  Everything met my highest expectations.  Learning my true passion through this camp gives me opportunities that will benefit me in the future.  I not only love the education but my new family.  My family includes the amazing counselors, superb friends, and the turtles.  I will miss the camp and will apply next year.  I recommend this camp to anyone who wants to major in biology and who is searching for a good time. –  Hunter W, Ohio

Sea Turtle Camp was very thrilling/exciting everything we did from family time to collecting and learning about specimens.  I really like the hospital and all its great work.  The counselors were very kind and considered us before them.  This camp was really fun and I learned a lot.  All in all the campers, counselors, and other mentors made this the best week of my life. – James S, Indiana

Sea Turtle Camp was the best thing I have ever done.  I had so much fun learning about marine biology and working with the turtles at the hospital.  The counselors were the best.  I had such a great time. – Joseph S, Florida

Sea Turtle Camp truly an amazing experience. I loved getting to work hands on with both injured and recovering turtles. While I was here we even got to see a real loggerhead nest! I learned many things such as the term “cold-blooded” doesn’t mean the animal actually has cold blood. The term means that animal is exothermic, meaning they get their heat from outside resources. Humans are endothermic, which means we create our own heat. This camp was a great experience because everyone here is so nice and we did great activities like surfing and paddle boating. Overall, this is a great camp and I hope to come back next year.  – Lila Z, New Jersey


Sea Turtle Camp was…something I wish every single person who has a true passion for sea turtles and marine biology could have. It was so amazing. I loved being able to help sea turtles at the sea turtle hospital. This was a great experience that I would love to do another time. While I was here, I loved being able to make 11 new friends that HOPE I can keep in touch with for the rest of my life. So whoever is reading this, thank you so much for making this camp an experience of a lifetime.  – Harper B, New York

Sea Turtle Camp was the most fun I had over the summer.  I really enjoyed the work at the sea turtle hospital, helping out with the turtles and the people who take care of them.  Also learning about all the marine life and going out and catching them too, was the highlight. Most of all, the counselors were the best, funny, and very nice.  Surfing and playing sports on the beach was fun too.  – Dylan C, Virginia