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2014 Camper Reviews

IMG_7221Sea Turtle Camp was fun and informational. I enjoyed learning about marine life and having the chance to interact with turtles. It was great being extremely close to the beach and great weather. The trips to different parts of the coast was fun. The camp was an outstanding adventure and great as it is. – Olivia B Maryland:

Sea Turtle Camp was such a great experience, both learning and inspiration wise. It was so nice working with people with such a passion for these animals and instructors that you can obviously see love what they teach. Being so close to the water and seeing what it’s like to work at the rehabilitation center has really influenced me to do something in this field. I think the best part of this camp is not knowing what to expect. – Solenn C, Maryland

107AMAZING!! By far, one of the best weeks ever! It was so awesome to see a mother sea turtle nest her eggs. But my favorite part was the Sea Turtle Hospital. Seeing the impact that we had was so cool. I also really enjoyed all of the lessons. I learned so many things this week, it was incredible. Everything we found (fish and shells) all the counselors knew everything about them. I have been really grateful for all of the help that we have been given about college. All of the advice that Taylor and Sarah have given and all of the research that Dan gave to us with all of his insights. But I think what made this week’s camp so much fun was the enthusiasm that our counselors had.  I am so grateful to have been in this group and I can’t thank you enough! – Katie C, Pennsylvania

Sea turtle camp was easily one of the best opportunities I’ve ever had. I walked in thinking I would only be interested in the turtles and was pleasantly surprised to find myself completely submerged into the wonder that is marine biology! I wouldn’t trade the adventures I’ve had and the friends I’ve made for anything else.” -Sophia B, Ohio

Sea turtle camp was an amazing experience. I felt like I knew nothing coming into the camp but over the week I learned SO much. I really enjoyed learning about tides, turtles and other marine life. Surfing and Paddle boarding were so much fun.  -Sydney S, Minnesota


Sea turtle camp was incredible. I feel so privileged to be able to work with such amazing, endangered animals. I will never forget this experience and leaving this camp and all of my friends will be so hard. Thiswas probably the best week of my life. I have learned more than I ever hoped to. Sea turtle camp reinforced and greatened my ambition to work with marine life. I hope to be as great of a marine biologist as my awesome councilors.  – Katherine J, NC

My experience at sea turtle camp was more awesome than words can describe. I felt like it really kind of took me out of my comfort zone and put me in it at the same time. I loved seeing the sea turtles at the hospital and loved walking around and learning about marine biology. -Zoe A, Alabama

Sea turtle camp was an amazing experience. I love that we got to learn hands on. The sea turtle hospital was so much fun. I went to camp last year and had seen the old hospital and it’s incredible how improved the new one is. It was inspiring to see how much everyone was doing to help the sea turtles. I loved seeing the sea turtles nest on the last day of camp. I made so many great friends. The surfing and sea turtle hospital were probably my favorite things at camp. – Abbey T, Virginia

IMG_1632Sea turtle camp was an amazing experience -we learned a lot and made new friends. Working with the sea turtles was such a privilege and a life changing experience. I now have new respect for the environment and oceans. – Eliza W, Virginia

“Sea turtle camp was amazing! I learned so much. When I signed up I never would have expected that I would be eating a squid eyeball lens or feeding sea turtles. The councilors were amazing and I had on overall great time. Being able to see a sea turtle nest and the clutch of eggs on the last day of camp was a fantastic way to end camp. – Mikaela H, Kentucky